Full name as it appears on your birth certificate:  Graeme Dylan Davis Pitts

Nicknames:  Purple Camo Man, Graemefro

Hometown: Nevada City, California

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 182

Marital Status: Married, to my bike

Birthdate: July 12, 1990

Birthplace:  Redwood City, California

Homeschooled 1-12, Sierra College/Rocklin

Favorite Foods:  Oh yea!

Music:  D&B, Metal, a Little Rap and PRIMUS!


Career Highlights


Defending Champion, Keyesville Classic 

5th place Pinnacle Bike Champs (10 racer/gated start/fastest American/fastest non 650B)

Finalist Best Whip Competition at Crankworx (invite only) 

1st place Reaper Madness Chainless DH

26th Sea Otter (Fastest actual DH bike) 

2014 – 2nd place overall Chainless series, Bootleg Canyon 



6th place National Championships, Pro class 

16th place Pan Am Championships, Argentina 

World Cups at Fort William, Scotland; Val di Sole, Italy; Hafjell, Norway & Leogang, Austria 

16th place, Garbanzo DH, Crankworx (fastest American) 



USA Cycling discretionary selection to race UCI World Cup at Hafjell, Norway 

12 downhill races,  6 podium finishes, 4 first place (Keyesville Classic, Crested Butte MSC, Northstar

Crankworx – Tons of media attention and a great Garbanzo finish


Keyesville Classic – DH – 1st
Keyesville Classic – Trials – 2nd
Highland Park Pro GRT#2 – 15th
Sea Otter Classic – 27th
Plattekill Pro GRT #3 – 19th


Northstar Pro GRT#3 – 14th (Mini World Cup/Peat/ Gracia/ Minnaar)
Plattekill Pro GRT#2 – 15th (Mini World Cup)
Chile Challenge/Mountain States Cup – 18th
Pan Am Championships – Guatemala – 22nd
Moscow Arms Race – 8th


2009  Pro
Keyesville Classic DH 9th
Crankworx Colorado  DH  7th
Northstar Boondocks  DH  2nd
Mob in Mojave  Chainless DH  3rd
Northstar Boondocks  Chainless DH  1st
Keyesville Classic  Observed Trials  9th (Sport)
Wildflower Rush Mountain States Cup  DH  6th
Pan Am Continental Champs – Chile  DH  23rd
California State Champs  Kamikaze DH  5th
California State Champs Observed Trials  1st (Sport)
Mammoth Bar  DH  8th



2008  Jr. Ex and Pro
Chile Challenge  DH  4th
Windham NMBS  DH  5th
Keyesville Classic  DH  1st
Sea Otter Classic  DH  2nd
Fontana Nationals  DH  2nd
Jr. World Championships Italy
California State Championships  SD  2nd
Mt. Snow National Championships  DH  4th
California State Championships  DH  3rd (Pro)
LaGrange Fall Classic  DH  3rd (Pro)
Northstar Dogbone  DH  8th (Pro)
Northstar Livewire  DH  2nd (Pro)
Northstar Gypsy  DH  7th (Pro)