Season Closer

Hey everyone, it's a wrap!

The season is officially over for me, all primary races done and events covered. There were injuries along the way but progress was made to compete at an even higher level, and most importantly, good times were abundant. I love this life and what it brings, I am so thankful to have the friendship and support from my sponsors that keep the machine turning and make my life possible, I am thankful to all of you rad fans out there that keep me stoked everywhere I go, and I am thankful to have such a loving and supporting family around me.

In my last event of the year, I competed in both the Kamikaze DH and Pro GRT series finale at the Mammoth Mountain Kamikaze Bike Games. I was unable to backup my Kamikaze win in 2013 and got 2nd behind some stiff competition. The Kamikaze is so unique, we don’t get many races like it during the year, where barreling along with hardly anything on aside from a speed suit and a prayer going over 60MPH is the norm, and touching your brakes twice is the difference between winning and losing. I relish every chance I get to race it, and no matter what it puts the biggest smile on me.

The Pro GRT series finale was held on the legendary Bullet DH course, and everyone was pushing the pace after having had the chance to race it for Gravity National Championships. I had some great practice laps and felt on pace to do some damage, but the story began to unfold in a sideways manner. I flatted in my seeding run which put me very early in the starting lineup, and then injured my knee during practice the morning of finals. I persevered through the pain, but in the end I only managed a 20th place. Now after multiple doctors visits, I have found that knee injury during practice was my left ACL tearing completely.

As we head into the off season, instead of slowing down and taking some time to relax I am taking on multiple new roles, one of which is moving to North Carolina to be part of the new Bailey Mountain Bike Park! There is some serious action going on already in the park's infancy, and it’s only going to get bigger and better. So come out, check the park out, get some laps with me, grab a bite from the Taco'd Wheel and enjoy the awesome vibe and trails at Bailey!

Into the off season with a full plate and rearing for next year already!

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